The mortgage process is very similar to the one you can find in the UK. However there are a few differences like the timeframe which usually take 60 days:


Time frame

Compromis de Vente (Draft or signed by both parts)
needs to be sent to the Mortgage Consultant by email
Day 1
Start the Mortgage Application:
• Prepare the required list of documents
• Fill in the bank forms
Day 2
Reception of the Complete Application
Day 10
The Application (documents and signed banks forms) is sent to the Bank by email
Day 14
Once the Bank has validated the forms, the original application forms are sent by post directly to the bank in France
Day 15
The bank processes the application and sends the complete file:
• to the underwriters : who might come back with a list of questions that needs to be clarified and /or ask for additional documents
• to the surveyor who will provide a report to the bank
Day 20
Life Insurance:
• Medical Exams if applicable
• Once everything is clear and substantiated you get the life insurance Agreement
Day 25
The mortgage offer:
• You receive the mortgage offer by post
• 11 days cooling off period from the date of reception
• Then initial and sign the Mortgage offer (it is valid for only 30 days) & send it back to the bank in France
Day 30 to 45
The Notary:
• Requests the funds to the Bank
• Plans the date of signature
Day 50
Signature of the Final Deed of Sale!
Day 60