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We do not focus on a particular product from some lender because they give us a better commission. We provide impartial advice among the French bank partners we work with. We endeavour to obtain the best French mortgage rates from our partners in France so that you do not need to shop around and save time and errors.

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Quick FAQs about Mortgages in France:

A mortgage has a duration of five to twenty-five years, the security or charge is only taken out on the French property. As in most countries, personal income and net worth are the most important factors when applying for a French mortgage. It is important to note that there is no credit score in France and even if you have a bad credit rating in the UK it will have no consequences on your French mortgage application.

Loan to Value: The average percentage borrowed is between 70% and 85% of the purchase price. While all nationalities are welcome to apply for a mortgage in France, the interest fees and amount borrowed may be differ for residents in some countries, that is why it is always good to check with our senior Mortgage brokers to have a clear idea of the amount of deposit you will have to prepare for the purchase.