Why choose Sextant Mortgages?

Why use an Independent Mortgage broker to organise my French Mortgage? Why not go directly to a French bank? Surely the bank is a cheaper option since I will not have the broker’s fee added to the cost of the mortgage? These are some of the questions we are asked on a regular basis.

It may well be that you live in France and have a good long-term relationship with your high-street bank. If you talk to them about your French Mortgage you might receive a loan offer for your intended purchase which may satisfy your needs but………. it will probably be a mortgage product just from that particular bank.

Will Sextant Mortgages go that extra mile?

For the vast majority, and especially non-resident buyers, it is quicker and more effective to use the services of a qualified and experienced Independent Mortgage Broker such as Sextant Mortgages. An Independent Mortgage Broker can look at your specific circumstances and then look through a panel of lenders and find you the best possible French Mortgage product for your specific requirements.

There are some important advantages for the customer when buying a Property in France and looking for a Mortgage in France as a non-resident or even if you’ve lived here for some time:

1. We speak your language and can explain the process to you and communicate with you throughout the process. We will supply all the documentation to you in English.

2. An experienced Independent Mortgage Broker has a panel of lenders which he or she uses to place your French Mortgage loan application with.  These lenders will almost certainly have international departments specialising in dealing with UK and other non-French residents purchasing a property in France. This means that the underwriting teams of these banks will understand non-French tax situations and other documentation that a French High Street bank might simply not know what to do with.

3. We only charge a small brokerage fee. We receive our compensation from the lending bank on completion of the French Mortgage loan process. The bank pays this directly to Sextant Mortgages. The interest rate you receive in your offer will not be higher than if you applied directly to the bank in question. In many cases, the rate will be lower owing to the volume of business that we conduct with the lending bank.

4. Owing to the privileged relationship between Sextant mortgages and the lending bank, your loan application is more likely to be treated within a faster time frame and with more consideration than if you were applying on your own or through a bank branch. The underwriting teams within the French Bank will probably prioritise the applications from Sextant Mortgages.

The above 4 points are crucial to making your whole French Property purchase go as quickly, as smoothly and with the least amount of pain as possible. Plus, you will be getting a French Mortgage product that is matched specifically to your needs and requirements.