As a non-French resident, you are able to take out a mortgage in France*

Generally, French banks will lend up to 85% of the purchase price for non-residents, although different lenders have different criteria. Up to  100% mortgages can be obtained in some circumstances (with a side investment). Some lenders will also lend on the estimated notary fees (notary fees in France can range between approximately 3-8% depending on whether or not the property is a new build and therefore benefits from reduced fees, or resale).

Due to French consumer law, lenders have to assess how affordable it is for you to take on a mortgage. To do this, they will take into account any existing loans, mortgages, outstanding credit card balances which are not paid off in full at the end of each month, child maintenance, rents etc. that you may have as fixed outgoings. They will compare this with your income and providing that your outgoings (including the mortgage for which you are applying) do not surpass 33% of your gross income (some lenders will look at 33% of your net income) then your application should be successful.
Each bank will assess a mortgage application in a different manner depending on in-house policies so it is therefore impossible to predict 100% the outcome of any mortgage application, although our lengthy experience in this domain does help in assessing potential borrowers and advising which lenders would be susceptible to agree to your mortgage.
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